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Weiss Kreuz Icons

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Hello and welcome to wk_icons. This is a place for Weiß Kreuz icons. There's really not all that many rules and guidelines...in fact there's only two right now. Be nice and follow them please.


1. If you have more than 4 icons, please use a lj cut. For those who do not how to make one, it's simple:
<*lj-cut text="whatever you want"> icons and whatnot goes here <*/lj-cut > Just remove the *s.

2. Be nice and considerate to one another. I don't want to see people disrespecting each other and/or another's work. Disrespect of any kind will result in you being banned.

Rules can be added anytime I feel the need to add something.

Allowed Stuff
Icons of the characters
Friends Only banners (please put them behind a lj-cut)
icons of the voice actors

Other Stuff
If I post under knight_chylde then pay attention. I will only post under this name when:
there's something important to be mentioned
making announcements like contests or whatnot
you piss me or others off and some clean up has to be done.

Most of the time, I will be posting under my icon journal which is reckless_fire.

If by any chance you have to get in touch with me here's how...
email: devil_ _zukin @ hotmail . com (please do not spam me)
ICQ: 243573224

Anything Else?
That's it really.